Defense Minister Prabowo Becomes Speaker at IISS Shangri-La Dialogue, Affirms Peace is Better Than Destruction

- Rabu, 7 Juni 2023 | 08:03 WIB
Usulan Probowo Subianto soal gencatan senjata justru dituding Menhan Ukraina sebagai rencana Rusia. (Kemenhan)
Usulan Probowo Subianto soal gencatan senjata justru dituding Menhan Ukraina sebagai rencana Rusia. (Kemenhan)

Baca Gitu Loh - Singapore - Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto was the speaker at the 20th International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Shangri-La Dialogue, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Saturday (3/6).

On this occasion, Defense Minister Prabowo delivered deliverables at the third session on Resolving Regional Tensions with South Korean Defense Minister Mr. Lee Jong-Sup and European Commission-EU Vice President Josep Borrell Fontelles.

The Minister of Defense stated that currently all countries are facing the same global threat, namely energy, water and food security crises. For this reason, it is very important for this meeting to work together in overcoming geopolitical competition, as well as territorial disputes through dialogue, negotiation and win-win solutions.

On the other hand, any power confrontation that occurred could very quickly result in a dangerous disaster. “I have been told by experts in Indonesia. Even if Indonesia is not involved in any open conflict. For example, if there is a nuclear war between countries. Even though Indonesia is not directly involved, Indonesia will slowly experience destruction and also suffer," said Defense Minister Prabowo.

"Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to urge our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia to immediately stop hostilities," the Minister of Defense continued.

According to Defense Minister Prabowo, there will always be two perspectives in any conflict between the two warring parties. Each - each will feel right. But for the security of the world, for the safety of innocent people, the Minister of Defense emphasized that hostilities must stop as soon as possible.

"Peace is far better than massive destruction and the loss of lives of many innocent people," said Defense Minister Prabowo.

The IISS activities discussed a number of strategic topics related to the security sector which were divided into seven sessions, namely dialogue on the United States' Leadership in the Indo-Pacific, Building a Stable and Balanced Asia-Pacific, Resolving Regional Tensions, Asia's Evolving Maritime Security Order, China's New Security Initiatives, New Partnerships for Asia-Pacific Security, and Developing Models for Cooperative Security. (Bureau of Public Relations of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Defense) ***

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Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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