Beware of Many Potholes and Collapsed Roads in Sukamakmur, Bogor, Impact of Moving Land. Mystery Disaster

- Jumat, 2 Juni 2023 | 18:36 WIB
Akses jalan Bogor Puncak Cianjur (Bopuncur) lumpuh tertutup longsor pasca gempa Cianjur.
Akses jalan Bogor Puncak Cianjur (Bopuncur) lumpuh tertutup longsor pasca gempa Cianjur.

Baca Gitu Loh - West Java, Indonesia - Motorists are advised to always be careful when crossing Jalan Ciherang Lame, the route to Sukamakmur, Bogor Regency.

Monitoring Friday (2/6/2023), there are many potholes along this road.

Some of them are even in the form of collapsed roads.

It was observed that the Ambalas road was only given a barrier by tree branches so that motorists would not pass it because it was dangerous.

Several points of the road were observed to have quite severe bumps due to this condition.

Previously it was reported, the condition of the collapsed road also caused the incline to become steep and prone to accidents, one of which was on Jalan Cibadak Sukamakmur, Kampung Rasamala, Village Cibadak, District Sukamakmur, Bogor Regency

One of the local residents, Didin Wahidin, said that previously the incline was a normal incline, not too steep, but years later, the incline slowly turned steep.

"In the past, it wasn't like this, because the land didn't stay still (the land moved)," said Didin Wahidin.

At this location many cars and motorbikes have had accidents because they are not strong enough to climb.

Previously, this incline was also viral after several vehicles overturned.

Roadside barriers have also recently been installed around this accident-prone incline.

"The hope is that I want to fix it, the important thing is that it's good again, not too steep, the problem is that many vehicles are moving backwards (not strong enough to climb)," said Didin Wahidin. ***

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Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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