Arriving in Medina, pilgrims' passports were collected by Massasah so as not to loosing. Upon arrival

- Selasa, 30 Mei 2023 | 13:14 WIB
Tiba di Madinah, paspor jamaah dikumpulkan muassasah. (Istimewa)
Tiba di Madinah, paspor jamaah dikumpulkan muassasah. (Istimewa)

Baca Gitu Loh - Medina, Saudi Arabia - Indonesian pilgrims were asked to collect passports upon arrival at Amir Muhammad Bin Abdul Azis Airport (AMMA) Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

The passport will be requested and collected by pilgrims from Muansah Adilla when the pilgrims on the bus that will take them to the hotel, or when in the immigration area.

According to the Head of the Arrival and Returning Services Section (Yanpul) of the Madinah Cecep Nursyamsi work area, there is a special purpose from gathering the pilgrims' passports.

First, for the input process of pilgrims before entering Mecca. Indonesian pilgrims will be in Medina for about nine days. After that, they will be dispatched to Mecca to undergo the procession of the pilgrimage.

Second, passports are collected to input pilgrims service data when later in Mecca. The service is both related to accommodation, transportation, and consumption.

The third goal is to security, so that pilgrims passports do not disappear while in Medina.

"We appeal to the pilgrims when they arrive in Madinah hand over their passports to officers who ask for passors who will board the bus or when entering into the immigration area," he said in Madinah, Sunday (5/28/2023).

"The goal is to secure passports so as not to be lost, inputting services when entering Mecca, for permission to enter Mecca, and group passports based on the group when they will be dispatched towards Mecca," he explained.

If the congregation did not collect their passports, said Cecep, then they could not go to Mecca. In his notes, until May 27, 2023, there were five new pilgrims' passports. The owner did not immediately collect with his group.

"It is possible that there are still pilgrims who have not submitted their passports," said Cecep,

May 26, 2023, the Madinah Working Area's Arrival and Return Services Section (Yanpul) continued

The goal is to discuss the planned departure of the group to Mecca. During the meeting, a passport was also carried out so that it could be known if there was a congregation passport that had not yet entered.

According to Cecep, in previous years the passport checking was carried out by the head of the group at the Muansasah office. Starting this year, bearing in mind the obligation of the head of the group in serving the elderly pilgrims is prioritized, the passport checking in the Mulesasah is carried out by PPIH Daker Medina officers.

"This check is to ensure that the pilgrims remain in one group based on the existing manifest. All data is checked one by one on the manifest so that nothing is missed," he explained.

"PPIH Daker Madinah has placed about eight of its officers in Muansasah Adilla. They are mukimin or Indonesian students who are in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt," he continued.


Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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