Instead of a boiling hot weather warning, BMKG suddenly warns of flood alert. Weather Mystery in Indonesia

- Kamis, 18 Mei 2023 | 07:41 WIB
Rumah terendam di salah satu desa di Kecamatan Sayung, Demak akibat banjir rob. (Dok.
Rumah terendam di salah satu desa di Kecamatan Sayung, Demak akibat banjir rob. (Dok.

Baca Gitu Loh - Java, Indonesia - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) warned of the potential for coastal flooding (ROB) in Indonesia's coastal areas.

In an upload on the BMKG's official Instagram account, it was stated that the tidal flood was expected to gradually hit a number of coastal areas starting today, Tuesday (16/5/2023) to Saturday (27/5/2023).

This condition was triggered by the moon phase and the BMKG also appealed to always be vigilant and alert to anticipate the impact of Maximum Sea Water Tide. As well as paying attention to updates on maritime weather information from BMKG.

"The phenomenon of the New Moon phase on May 19 2023 has the potential to increase the maximum tide height. Based on monitoring of water level data and predictions of tides, coastal flooding (rob) has the potential to occur in several coastal areas of Indonesia," wrote BMKG.

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"The potential for coastal flooding (rob) differs from time to time (days and hours) in each region, which in general has an impact on community activities around ports and the coast. Such as loading and unloading activities at ports, activities in coastal settlements, as well as salt ponds and fishery activities. land," explained the BMKG.

The following are RI's coastal areas that have the potential to experience tidal flooding according to the BMKG:

- Aceh Coast (Sabang Coast, Meulaboh) 19-22 May
- North Sumatra Coast (Belawan Coast and its environs) 16-22.

- Coastal West Sumatra (Coast of Padang) 19 May
- Riau Archipelago Coast (Karimun Coast) May 18-25.

- Riau Archipelago Coast (Batu Ampar Coast) May 18-23
- Riau Archipelago Coast (Tanjung Uban Coast) May 18-24.

- Banten North Coast 18-27 May
- West Coast of Banten 17-23 May
- South Coast of Banten 17-23 May
- DKI Jakarta North Coast 19-24 May
- North Coast of West Java 16-19 May.

- North Coast of Central Java (Semarang City, Demak Regency, Pekalongan Regency, Kendal Regency, Batang Regency, Pati Regency, Jepara, Rembang Coast, Tegal City, Brebes Regency, Pemalang Regency) May 16-19.

- Coastal East Java 18-20 May
- NTB Coastal Areas (West Lombok District Coastal and BIma Coastal) 19-25 May
- East Nusa Tenggara Coast (Kupang and Waingapu Regencies) May 19-21.

- Coastal West Kalimantan 20-27 May
- Maluku Coastal Areas (Ambon Bay, Saumlaki, Banda, Seram South Coast, Kai Islands, Dobo Islands, Eastern Seram Regency) May 18-25
- North Maluku Coast (South Coast of Taliabu, Sula Islands Coast, Mangole Coast, Obi West Coast, Bacan West Coast, Loloda Coast, Morotai Coast) 18-20 May.

- Jayapura North Coast (Demta, Depapre, Ravenirara, and Muara Tami) and Sawai North Coast (Mamberamo Regency) 20-22 May
- Coastal South Papua (Merauke Coast) May 21-25
- South Papua Coast (Muli Strait Coast) May 18-25. ***


Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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