884 Residents Affected by Floods in Bogor District The Bogor Regency Government has declared a disaster emerge

- Rabu, 26 April 2023 | 01:18 WIB
Banjir Bandang di Kecamatan Leuwisadeng Kabupaten Bogor  (Hallo Bogor )
Banjir Bandang di Kecamatan Leuwisadeng Kabupaten Bogor (Hallo Bogor )

Baca Gitu Loh - Buitenzorg, West Java, Indonesia - Flash floods hit a number of areas in Bogor Regency, West Java. About 884 residents and other infrastructure were affected by the floods. The Bogor Regency Government has declared a disaster emergency response.

Heavy rain of high intensity on Monday (24/4/2023) evening caused the overflow of the Cidurian River which hit several villages in Jasinga District such as Petey Village, Kalong Dagul Village, Silogak Village. One bridge connecting Petey Village to Kalong Dagul Village was badly damaged.

The three villages are in Kalong Sawah Village. A total of 184 people and 48 houses were affected.

Another village that was affected, namely Kampung Parung Sapi, Sipak Village. The condition of this village is isolated because the bridge is cut off and alternative routes cannot be passed.

The bridge connecting Parung Sapi Village and Silogak Village was swept away by the swift currents of the river.

Based on reports, a number of officers and volunteers are trying to penetrate the village to determine whether there are victims affected.

Floods also occurred in Kampung Paku, Sadeng Village, Leuwisadeng.

It was recorded that there were six neighborhood units (RT) affected by the overflow of the Cinanggung River with the number of victims reaching 700 residents.

Currently, a number of residents have fled to safer places, one of which is the mosque. It was also recorded that at least 200 houses were affected by the floods.

"A total of 884 residents were directly affected by the floods. 32 residents were injured. The two rivers Cidurian and Cinanggung are overflowing."

"The flash floods also damaged vital infrastructure and isolated Kampung Parung," said Head of Prevention and Preparedness for the Bogor Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Agus Suyatna, Tuesday (25/4/2023).

Agus continued, his party and the volunteers moved quickly in handling it, especially for the refugees.

The need for blankets and clothes will be distributed soon. Public kitchens and medicines have also been prepared.

Disaster emergency response. BPBD to volunteers to stand by and quickly respond, record data, and handle refugees.

Be careful of extreme weather that occurs at any time. This is also an appeal to tourists.


Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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