Earthquake M 6.0 Shakes Agam, Residents: sofa chair Shake. Mystery disaster continues to occur

- Minggu, 23 April 2023 | 04:30 WIB
Ilustrasi Gempa Bumi 6,5 Magnitudo Guncang Wakatobi (Pixabay/Tumisu)
Ilustrasi Gempa Bumi 6,5 Magnitudo Guncang Wakatobi (Pixabay/Tumisu)


Baca Gitu Loh - Sumatra Indonesia - The magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook Agam, West Sumatra and its surroundings. Residents said that hanging plants were seen swaying.

The testimony was expressed by Payakumbuh residents named Arsy. He felt an earthquake of more than 5 seconds.

"When I was sitting in the living room with my cousin, I sat on the floor and leaning on the sofa chairs, then suddenly I felt the sofa shake, I thought I was dizzy right, then I saw the window hanging stand also shake Also hung on shake, "Arsy said when confirmed, Sunday (4/23/2023).

However, his cousin did not feel the earthquake at all. Arsy then asked his other family. However, they did not feel there was an earthquake vibration.

"But in disbelief (if there is an earthquake)," Arsy said.

"Then I just came out to see the plants shake or not," he concluded.

It is known, the M 6.0 earthquake occurred in Agam, West Sumatra. Earthquakes occurred at a depth of 12 kilometers. BMKG reported the earthquake occurred Sunday (4/23/2023), at 00.09 WIB

Then, the earthquake also occurred in South Nias, North Sumatra. This earthquake has a magnitude of 5.9. The earthquake was felt in West Pasaman to Padang Pariaman. ***

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Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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