Floods at Tanjung Laut Indah, Water Level Adults' Feet, Residents Call the Worst. Mystery Disaster Continues

- Kamis, 20 April 2023 | 22:04 WIB
Evakuasi warga terdampak banjir Bontang Kaltim (BPBD Kota Bontang)
Evakuasi warga terdampak banjir Bontang Kaltim (BPBD Kota Bontang)

Baca Gitu Loh - Borneo, Indonesia - Dozens of residents' houses in RT 23, Tanjung Laut Indah Village, East Kalimantan, were flooded. It's been six hours since the water rose at around 6 in the morning, the water flow still hasn't given a signal that it will recede.

Siti, a resident of RT 23 said that the water level in her house reached 1 meter or up to an adult's thigh.

“The stuff inside is all wet. I'm tired of cleaning. There's an order of satay I haven't made yet. What can you do, you can't cook if it hasn't subsided," he said, Thursday (20/4/2023).

The middle-aged woman said the flood this time was among the worst. The area has been flooded twice, but the water that has entered the house has not reached that level.

“In the other alleys the water is still high. How do you want Eid if it's like this," he said.

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According to bontangpost.id monitoring, residents' houses in RT 21, RT 06, and in other alleys along Jalan H Habibon were also flooded. The heights vary. There are calves, knees, up to the thighs of adults.

Meanwhile, a resident of RT 21 who is familiarly called Man said that this area rarely gets flooded. Even since the severe floods that hit last 2019.

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"It's been a long time since it flooded. It's only now this bad. It also doesn't know if there will be another shipment of water from 5.5 kilos. I think this is water from Canaan," he said. ***

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