Barge Loaded with Ferronickel 4,000 Tons Wrecked in Halmahera Obi Sea. Mystery, Disaster. Crew drowning

- Senin, 10 April 2023 | 19:53 WIB
Ilustrasi kapal tongkang pengangkut batubara
Ilustrasi kapal tongkang pengangkut batubara


Baca Gitu Loh - North Maluku, Indonesia - One unit of barge with 4,000 tons of ferronickel experienced a leak causing the ferronickel cargo to splash into the sea in the waters of PT Wanatiara Persada Company Pier, Obi Island, South Halmahera Regency, Saturday, April 8 2023.

This incident resulted in a tugboat crew member named Nur Ilham Syah drowning and disappearing while trying to move the ropes of a ship that sank in these waters.

This shipwreck incident was conveyed by Basarnas Ternate after receiving reports of missing tugboat victims that sank when the incident occurred.

Head of National Search and Rescue Agency Fatur Rahman said the ship, which was loaded with 4,000 tons of ferronickel, was initially asked to let go of the ropes because the ship was about to be moved. However, during the process of moving the ship resulted in an incident where the front of the barge was lifted.

"At the time of the incident there were three tugboat crew, namely Eko Pradana, Hardi Pramana Putra and Nur Ilham Syah who were next to the ship. They also fell into the sea due to the collision from the barge," said Fatur in a written statement, Sunday, April 9, 2023.

In the search for one of the victims who disappeared from drowning, continued Fatur, Ternate Basarnas at 08.50 WIT had dispatched the USS Bacan Rescue Team.

"The team headed for Jeti II company PT Wanatiara with a Rubberboat and other Sea Palsars for search and rescue operations for victims," he continued. ***

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Editor: Rahmat Hidayat.


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